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Medication Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up to 50 percent of prescribed medications are taken at the incorrect time, dosage, frequency, and/or duration. That’s where medication management comes in. 

The goal of medication management is to make sure patients are receiving optimal outcomes for the medications they are taking. It covers a number of activities including reviewing patient medications as well as their interactions and side effects and designing short and long-term medication plans. 

Medication management also involves checking the safety and efficacy of drugs and ensuring they are taken properly via patient education. Healthcare providers and pharmacies typically collaborate to ensure proper medication management. 

Why is Medication Management Important?

Most conditions, regardless of whether they are acute or chronic are managed with one or several medications. Unfortunately, this often leads to potentially dangerous medication errors when medications are prescribed or taken. Medication errors may include prescribing or taking more or less than prescribed or taking doses at the wrong times.

Another common issue with medications is that many patients do not take them at all or take them ??. It’s also become a challenge for primary care facilities to safely and effectively manage the safety of opioids with chronic pain. Medication management addresses all these problems and helps prevent the serious issues that arise when drugs are mismanaged.

Benefits of Medication Management

The greatest benefit of medication management is that it leads to improved outcomes and less stress for patients and their families. It can give you and your loved ones the peace of mind of knowing your medications are being prescribed and taken correctly. 

Medication management can also save you a great deal of money on emergency room visits, hospital costs, and other healthcare expenses. In addition, it reduces the risk of illnesses and death from drug interactions and noncompliance.

Personal Medication Management

As a patient, there are strategies that you can implement to make sure you’re managing your medications well. Working with one pharmacy instead of multiple pharmacies, downloading a medication or pill reminder app, and coordinating prescription refills with your doctor and pharmacist can all help.

Taking your medications at the correct time and dose can help you feel your best and reduce the risk of harmful interactions and complications down the road.

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